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Year Title (Author) Producer Publisher
2023Consumed (Greg Buchanan)Andrew GlenOrion
2022Everything the Light Touches (Janice Pariat)Emmanuelle le CannHarperCollins
20221794 (Niklas Natt och Dag)Saskia BlackBaskerville
2022The House of Marvellous Books (Fiona Vigo Marshall)Stefan SzwarcFairlight Books
2021The Lion of Boaz-Jachin & Jachin Boaz (Russell Hoban)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2020Equivocator (Stevie Davies)Rupert MorganAudible Studios
2020Arrest Me, for I Have Run Away (Stevie Davies)Rupert MorganAudible Studios
2019Shadow Is a Colour as Light Is (Michael Langan)Jennifer EnglishAudible Studios
2019The Girl at the Door (Veronica Raimo)Rupert MorganHarper Collins
2016I Saw a Man (Owen Sheers)John WakefieldRNIB
2014Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone (Ian McDonald)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B (JP Donleavy)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Umbrella (Will Self)Rupert MorganRNIB
2012Pure (Andrew Miller)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010Nocturnes (Kazuo Ishiguro)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010Parrot and Olivier in America (Peter Carey)Rupert MorganRNIB
2023The Stranger in the Seine (Guillaume Musso, Rosie Eyre)Rich WoodhouseOrion
2023The Broken Afternoon (Simon Mason)Lucy RushtonRiverRun
2021Last One Alive (Karin Nordin)Jim SigeeHQ Digital
2021Cry Justice (Colin Falconer)Jennifer EnglishLittle, Brown
2021I Know What I Saw (Imran Mahmood)Jennifer EnglishAudible Studios
2021Where Ravens Roost (Karin Nordin)Paul PinkHarperCollins
2020The Resident (David Jackson)Jennifer EnglishAudible
2019Innocence Dies (Colin Falconer)Jennifer EnglishHachette
2020Angels Weep (Colin Falconer)Jennifer EnglishHachette
2016The Blood Strand (Chris Ould)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2017The Killing Bay (Chris Ould)John AinsworthAudible Studios
2018The Fire Pit (Chris Ould)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2015The Silent Ones (William Brodrick)Anne ScantleburyHachette Audio
2016Ash and Bones (Mike Thomas)Alex MaylandBolinda
2018Unforgivable (Mike Thomas)Alys HewerBolinda
2018The Hidden Bones (Nicola Ford)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2019The Lost Shrine (Nicola Ford)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2017The Truth (Peter James)Nicholas JonesOrion
2023Resurrection (David Gilman)Chris GrovesWF Howes
2022Remembrance Day (Henry Porter)Joe ConlanQuercus Editions
2022Betrayal (David Gilman)Alex WrightWF Howes
2021The Final Flight (James Blatch)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2021The Final Flight (James Blatch)Rosemary O'DowdChocolate Fox Audio
2021The Old Enemy (Henry Porter)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Audio
2019White Hot Silence (Henry Porter)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Audio
2018Firefly (Henry Porter)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Audio
2020The Englishman (David Gilman)Jennifer EnglishWF Howes
2018Night Flight to Paris (David Gilman)Joseph GalbraithWhole Story Audiobooks
2016Sons of the Blood (Robyn Young)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2018Court of Wolves (Robyn Young)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2016Kill Someone (Luke Smitherd)Tamsin CollisonAudible Studios
2020Hide (SJ Morgan)Rupert MorganWavesound
2020The Day of Forgetting (Nel Stephenson)Jennifer EnglishLightspeed Books
2014The Corporal's Wife (Gerald Seymour)Rupert MorganRNIB
2021Carver (Tom Cain)Chris FrenchRNIB
2021Revenger (Tom Cain)Chris FrenchRNIB
2012The Mist in the Mirror (Susan Hill)Vicky BennettAudible Studios
2023Too Good to Hang (Sarah Hawkswood)James DareAllison and Busby
2022A Taste for Killing (Sarah Hawkswood)Toby LewisAllison and Busby
2021Wolf at the Door (Sarah Hawkswood)Tamsin CollisonAllison & Busby
2021Blood Runs Thicker (Sarah Hawkswood)Tamsin CollisonAllison & Busby
2021Death in the Stocks (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Behold, Here's Poison (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021They Found Him Dead (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021A Blunt Instrument (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021No Wind of Blame (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Envious Casca (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Duplicate Death (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Detection Unlimited (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Footsteps in the Dark (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Penhallow (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Why Shoot a Butler? (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2019Marked to Die (Sarah Hawkswood)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2020Hostage to Fortune (Sarah Hawkswood)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2020Vale of Tears (Sarah Hawkswood)Jennifer EnglishIsis Audiobooks
2015Princes Gate (Mark Ellis)Peter BorthwickAudible Studios
2015Stalin's Gold (Mark Ellis)Peter BorthwickAudible Studios
2017Merlin at War (Mark Ellis)Alys HewerAudible Studios
2019A Death in Mayfair (Mark Ellis)Toby LewisAudible Studios
2022Dead in the Water (Mark Ellis)Toby LewisChocolate Fox Audio
2014A Dead Man's Secret (Simon Beaufort)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2014The Bloodstained Throne (Simon Beaufort)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2014Deadly Inheritance (Simon Beaufort)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2017Ordeal by Fire (Sarah Hawkswood)Wulfie ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2017Servant of Death (Sarah Hawkswood)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2012Prophecy (SJ Parris)Rupert MorganRNIB
2013Sacrilege (SJ Parris)Rupert MorganRNIB
2011Hamlet, Revenge! (Appleby 2) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Stop The Press (Appleby 4) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012The Secret Vanguard (Appleby 5) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013There Came both Mist & Snow (Appleby 6) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Appleby on Ararat (Appleby 7) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2011The Daffodil Affair (Appleby 8) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2011The Weight of Evidence (Appleby 9) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013A Night of Errors (Appleby 11) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Operation Pax (Appleby 12) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013A Private View (Appleby 13) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Appleby Talks Again (Appleby 15) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Appleby Plays Chicken (Appleby 16) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012The Long Farewell (Appleby 17) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Hare Sitting Up (Appleby 18) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Silence Observed (Appleby 19) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012A Connoisseur's Case (Appleby 20) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013The Bloody Wood (Appleby 21) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013A Family Affair (Appleby 23) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Death at the Chase (Appleby 24) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012An Awkward Lie (Appleby 25) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013The Open House (Appleby 26) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Appleby's Answer (Appleby 27) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Appleby's Other Story (Appleby 28) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013The Gay Phoenix (Appleby 30) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012The Ampersand Papers (Appleby 31) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Sheiks & Adders (Appleby 32) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Carson's Conspiracy (Appleby 34) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2013Appleby Talks About Crime (Appleby 36) (Michael Innes)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2011Christmas at Candleshoe (Michael Innes)Vicky BennettAudible Studios
2023Even If Everything Ends (Jens Liljestrand)Rich WoodhouseScout Press
2023The Stranger in the Seine (Guillaume Musso, Rosie Eyre)Rich WoodhouseOrion
2023Champollion the Egyptian (Christian Jacq)Robbie RobertsonRNIB
2023Beyond the Darkest Myth (Lassi Vierikko & Petja Lähde)Neil GardnerStoryTel
2020To Cook a Bear (Michael Niemi) SwedishEllie UlyattQuercus
2019Sanctuary (Luca d'Andrea) ItalianJennifer EnglishMaclehose Press
2019Village of the Lost Girls (Agustín Martínez) SpanishJennifer EnglishQuercus Editions Limited
2019A Long Night in Paris (Dov Alfon) HebrewJennifer EnglishMacLehose Press
2019The Wolf and the Watchman (Niklas Natt och Dag) SwedishJennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2017Can You Hear Me? (Elena Varvello) ItalianJennifer EnglishTwo Roads
2018Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Mario Giordano) GermanJennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2018Auntie Poldi and the Fruits of the Lord (Mario Giordano) GermanJennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2020Auntie Poldi and the Handsome Antonio (Mario Giordano) GermanEllie UlyattJohn Murray
2021Auntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna (Mario Giordano) GermanJennifer EnglishJohn Murray
2009The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson) SwedishRupert MorganRNIB
2010The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson) SwedishRupert MorganRNIB
2010The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Stieg Larsson) SwedishRupert MorganRNIB
2020The Day of Forgetting (Sue Stephenson)Ellie UlyattLightspeed Books
2020The Secret Jesus (Sue Stephenson)Jennifer EnglishLightspeed Books
2018Spirit of Prophecy (JJ Hughes)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2015How You See Me (SE Craythorne)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012The Service of Clouds (Susan Hill)Vicky BennettAudible Studios
2011The City & The City (China Miéville)Rupert MorganRNIB
2009The Look on Her Face (Andrew Klavan)Patch McQuaidWF Howes
2009The Life & Soul of the Party (Mike Gayle)Rupert MorganRNIB
2023The Drifted Stream (Edited by Andrew Motion)Tamsin CollisonAudible Studios
2019The Mabinogion (Lady Charlotte Guest)Jennifer EnglishNaxos Audiobooks
2014Rape of the Fair Country (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2015Hosts of Rebecca (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016Song of the Earth (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2014This Proud and Savage Land (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Love and Friendship (Whit Stillman)Jennifer English2020 for Two Roads
2023Blood of Wolves (Rune Song Trilogy III) (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Runes of Battle (Rune Song Trilogy II) (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Hammer of Fate (Rune Song Trilogy I) (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Hard to Be a God (Arkady and Boris Strugatsky)Morrison EllisOrion
2022The Cuckoo (Leo Carew)Abi HardimannWildfire
2019The Spider (Leo Carew)Jennifer EnglishWildfire
2018The Wolf (Leo Carew)Jennifer EnglishWildfire
2022The Stone Giant (Luke Smitherd)Toby LewisAudible Studios
2020The Empty Men (Luke Smitherd)Jennifer EnglishAudible Studios
2015The Stone Man (Luke Smitherd)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016Kill Someone (Luke Smitherd)Tamsin CollisonAudible Studios
2015Battlemage (Stephen Aryan)Anne ScantleburyHachette Audio
2016Bloodmage (Stephen Aryan)Anne ScantleburyHachette Audio
2017Mageborn (Stephen Aryan)Alys HewerLittle, Brown
2018Of Gods and Men (Stephen Aryan)Lucinda RobertsLittle, Brown
2018Magefall (Stephen Aryan)Lucinda RobertsLittle, Brown
2019MageBane (Stephen Aryan)Josie CBHachette
2019The Wrath of Lords - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2019The Blood of Kings - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020The City of Thieves - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016Unspeakable (Tony Marturano)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020Refraction (Christopher Heinz)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2023Blood of Wolves (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Rune Song Trilogy II (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Hammer of Fate (Rune Song Trilogy I) (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2022The Maker (Rob Winters)Toby LewisChocolate Fox Audio
2020His Name was Wren (Rob Winters)Jennifer EnglishRob Winters
2013Emil & the Detectives (Erich Kastner)Rupert MorganRNIB
2015The Letter for the King (Tonke Dragt) EARPHONES AWARDJennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016The Secrets of the Wild Wood (Tonke Dragt)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2019The Impossible Boy (Ben Brooks)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Children's
2012Zog (Julia Donaldson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010Nation (Terry Pratchett)Chris WallisAutolycus for BBC R4extra
2010The Prince of Mist (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)Rupert MorganRNIB
2021Hansel & Gretel (Brothers Grimm)Tamsin CollisonTonies
2021Swan Lake (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)Tamsin CollisonTonies
2021The Magic Flute (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)Tamsin CollisonTonies
2021The Nutcracker (ETA Hoffmann)Tamsin CollisonTonies
2023The Chaperone (Sophia Holloway)James DareAllison & Busby
2022Isabelle (Sophia Holloway)Toby LewisAllison & Busby
2021Kingscastle (Sophia Holloway)Rosie O'DowdAllison & Busby
2021Sylvester (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2021Beauvallet (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2019Bless Thine Inheritance (Sophia Holloway)Catherine ThompsonIsis Audiobooks
2018The Devil You Know (Sophia Holloway)Catherine ThompsonSoundings
2014The Echoes of Love (Hannah Fielding)Peter BorthwickLondon Wall Publishing
2016Masquerade (Hannah Fielding)Peter BorthwickLondon Wall Publishing
2016Before Midnight (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016One Bite (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Dead to Begin With (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Golden Stair (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Divine Scales (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Beautiful Salvation (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017The Pirate's Witch (Jennifer Blackstream)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020The Party Wall (Stevie Davies)Jennifer EnglishHonno Press
2020My Darling (Amanda Robson)Jennifer EnglishHarperCollins
2020The Party Wall (Stevie Davies)Jennifer EnglishHonno Press
20231923 (Mark Jones)Andrew GlenHodder & Stoughton
2022Lost Realms (Thomas Williams)Jim SigeeHarper Collins
2022Operation Barras (William Fowler) Weidenfeld & Nicolson
2020The Splendid and the Vile (Erik Larson)James MalpusWilliam Collins
2020Reflections on the Revolution in France (Edmund Burke)Jennifer EnglishNaxos
2019From the City, from the Plough (Alexander Baron)Jennifer EnglishHeadline
2019The Rights of Man (Thomas Paine)Jennifer EnglishNaxos Audiobooks
2019Reflections on the Revolution in France (Edmund Burke)Jennifer EnglishNaxos
2018Dear Evelyn (Kathy Page)Jennifer EnglishWhole Story Audiobooks
2013Roumanian Journey (Sacheverel Sitwell)Adam HelalAudible Studios
2013City of Sacrifice (David Carrasco)Rupert MorganRNIB
2013A Concise History of the Haitian Revolution (Jeremy D Popkin)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2011Down With Colonialism - The Writings of Ho Chi MinhAdam BromleyAudible Studios
2023Emotional Ignorance (Dean Burnett)Andrew ChapmanFaber & Faber
2021Forecast (Joe Shute)Emmanuelle le CannBloomsbury
2021Breaking Boundaries (Owen Gaffney & Johan Rockström)Jennifer EnglishDorling Kindersley
2020The 21-Day Immunity Plan (Aseem Malhotra)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2019Unravelling the Double Helix (Gareth Williams)Jennifer EnglishOrion Publishing Group
2016The Idiot Brain (Dean Burnett)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2018The Happy Brain (Dean Burnett)Alexander LaierAudible Studios
2019Psycho-Logical (Dean Burnett)Jennifer EnglishAudible Studios
2018Our Food, Our Future (Alan Watkins & Matt Simister)Neil GardnerUrbane Productions
2018The Science of Sin (Jack Lewis)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2018Black Sheep (Richard Stephens)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2016The Great Acceleration (Robert Colville)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012Free Radicals (Michael Brooks)Penny McCulloughAudible Studios
201013 Things That Don't Make Sense (Michael Brooks)Vicky BennettAbove the Title
2023Looking Back (Douglas Harding)James DareThe Sholland Trust
2023How Briggs Died (Douglas Harding)James DareThe Sholland Trust
2023Zen Experience (Douglas Harding)James DareThe Sholland Trust
2022The Meaning and Beauty of the Artificial (Douglas Harding)Rosemary O'DowdThe Sholland Trust
2022The Trial of the Man Who Said He Was God (Douglas Harding)Lily RidettThe Sholland Trust
2021As I See It (DE Harding)Rosemary O'DowdThe Shollond Trust
2021The Crimson Tiger (Douglas Harding)Rosemary O'DowdThe Sholland Trust
2022The Little Book of Life and Death (DE Harding)Rosemary O'DowdThe Sholland Trust
2021Visible Gods (DE Harding)Patch McQuaidThe Shollond Trust
2021Journey to the Centre of the Youniverse (DE Harding)Jennifer EnglishThe Shollond Trust
2021Spectre in the Lake (DE Harding)Jennifer EnglishThe Shollond Trust
2021Head Off Stress (DE Harding)Jennifer EnglishThe Shollond Trust
2021The Face Game (DE Harding)Rosie O'DowdThe Shollond Trust
2021As I See It (DE Harding)Rosemary O'DowdThe Shollond Trust
2020Hearing the Message of Daniel (Christopher JH Wright)Ellie UlyattHarperCollins
2020A Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful (Edmund Burke)Jennifer EnglishNaxos
2011Philosophical Tales (Martin Cohen)Matt WillisAbove the Title
2020Purpose Mindset (Ahktar Badshah)Jennifer EnglishThomas Nelson
2020The Power of Us (David Price)Jennifer EnglishThread
2016Crash, Bang, Wallop (Iain Martin)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2017Do Purpose (David Hieatt)Alys HewerThe Do Book Co
2017Do Open (David Hieatt)Alys HewerThe Do Book Co
2015Life in the Financial Markets (Daniel Lacalle)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2015 SEO for SMEs (David Whitehouse)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2010Secrets of the MoneyLab (Kay-Yut Chen & Marina Krakovsky)Adam BromleyAbove the Title
2016Early Tudors (Fellows, Redworth)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2016The Cold War in Europe 1941-1995 (Hurst, MacFarlane)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2016Germany 1919-45 (Harrison, Hurst)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2016The French Revolution and Rule of Napoleon (Doyle, Wells)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2017Frankenstein Study Guide (Alex Blott)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2017Pride and Prejudice Study Guide (Alex Blott)Jan HeronAudiopi
2017iGCSE Physics (Jonathan Kingsley)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2023Spring Rain (Marc Hamer)Rich WoodhouseBolinda
2016Existentialism and Excess (Gary Cox)Alex MaylandBloomsbury
2015The Trial of Maximo Bonga (John Harris)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2014Fangio (Gerald Donaldson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2013One Chance (Paul Potts)Patch McQuaidWF Howes
2013Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell (Tom Bower)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010The Frock-Coated Communist (Tristram Hunt)Rupert MorganRNIB
2021About Britain (Tim Cole)Michael BennettBloomsbury
2017The Little Book of Ikigai (Ken Mogi)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Audio
2010McMafia (Misha Glenny)Tamsin CollisonRandom House Audiobooks
2010501 Great Days Out in the UK & IrelandRupert MorganRNIB
2009Leviathon, or The Whale (Phillip Hoare)Rupert MorganRNIB
2016Aberystwyth Mon Amour the Walking Tour (Malcolm Pryce)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2022Deep Breathing Techniques (ES Marlen)James DareDish Creative
2021A Statin-Free Life (Aseem Malhotra)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2021The 21-Day Immunity Plan (Aseem Malhotra)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2021A Statin-Free Life (Aseem Malhotra)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2021A Diet Book for Weight Loss Success (James Atkinson)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020The Mindflow Method (Tom Moegele)Jennifer EnglishHay House
2016Fitness & Exercise Motivation (James Atkinson)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017Marathon Training & Distance Running Tips (James Atkinson)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2019Home Workout for Beginners (James Atkinson)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2017The Underdog (Mark Llewhellin)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2011What's Stopping You (Robert Kelsey)Adam BromleyAudible Studios