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Year Title (Author) Producer Publisher
2020Equivocator (Stevie Davies)Rupert MorganAudible Studios
2020Arrest Me, for I Have Run Away (Stevie Davies)Rupert MorganAudible Studios
2016Ash and Bones (Mike Thomas)Alex MaylandBolinda
2018Unforgivable (Mike Thomas)Alys HewerBolinda
2020Hide (SJ Morgan)Rupert MorganWavesound
2019The Mabinogion (Lady Charlotte Guest)Jennifer EnglishNaxos Audiobooks
2014Rape of the Fair Country (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2015Hosts of Rebecca (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2016Song of the Earth (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2014This Proud and Savage Land (Alexander Cordell)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020The Party Wall (Stevie Davies)Jennifer EnglishHonno Press
2019Unravelling the Double Helix (Gareth Williams)Jennifer EnglishOrion Publishing Group
2016The Idiot Brain (Dean Burnett)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2018The Happy Brain (Dean Burnett)Alexander LaierAudible Studios
2019Psycho-Logical (Dean Burnett)Jennifer EnglishAudible Studios
2017Do Purpose (David Hieatt)Alys HewerThe Do Book Co
2017Do Open (David Hieatt)Alys HewerThe Do Book Co
2016Aberystwyth Mon Amour the Walking Tour (Malcolm Pryce)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2023Even If Everything Ends (Jens Liljestrand)Rich WoodhouseScout Press
20221794 (Niklas Natt och Dag)Saskia BlackBaskerville
2021Last One Alive (Karin Nordin)Jim SigeeHQ Digital
2021Where Ravens Roost (Karin Nordin)Paul PinkHarperCollins
2020To Cook a Bear (Michael Niemi)Ellie UlyattQuercus
2019The Wolf and the Watchman (Niklas Natt och Dag)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2016The Blood Strand (Chris Ould)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2017The Killing Bay (Chris Ould)John AinsworthAudible Studios
2018The Fire Pit (Chris Ould)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2009The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2010The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Stieg Larsson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2023The Stranger in the Seine (Guillaume Musso, Rosie Eyre)Rich WoodhouseOrion
2023Rune Song Trilogy III (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Rune Song Trilogy II (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2023Hammer of Fate (Rune Song Trilogy I) (Geoffrey Gudgeon)Andrew GlenSecond Sky
2019A Long Night in Paris (Dov Alfon)Jennifer EnglishMacLehose Press
2018Night Flight to Paris (David Gilman)Joseph GalbraithWhole Story Audiobooks
2012Pure (Andrew Miller)Rupert MorganRNIB
2020Reflections on the Revolution in France (Edmund Burke)Jennifer EnglishNaxos
2019The Rights of Man (Thomas Paine)Jennifer EnglishNaxos Audiobooks
2016The French Revolution and Rule of Napoleon (Doyle, Wells)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2016Existentialism and Excess (Gary Cox)Alex MaylandBloomsbury
2022Everything the Light Touches (Janice Pariat)Emmanuelle le CannHarperCollins
2019Sanctuary (Luca d'Andrea)Jennifer EnglishMaclehose Press
2017Can You Hear Me? (Elena Varvello)Jennifer EnglishTwo Roads
2018Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Mario Giordano)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2018Auntie Poldi and the Fruits of the Lord (Mario Giordano)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2020Auntie Poldi and the Handsome Antonio (Mario Giordano)Ellie UlyattJohn Murray
2014The Echoes of Love (Hannah Fielding)Peter BorthwickLondon Wall Publishing
2021Auntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna (Mario Giordano)Jennifer EnglishJohn Murray
2021Beauvallet (Georgette Heyer)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2019Village of the Lost Girls (Agustín Martínez)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Editions Limited
2018Court of Wolves (Robyn Young)Jennifer EnglishHodder & Stoughton
2016Masquerade (Hannah Fielding)Peter BorthwickLondon Wall Publishing
2020Refraction (Christopher Heinz)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2020The Day of Forgetting (Sue Stephenson)Ellie UlyattLightspeed Books
2020The Secret Jesus (Sue Stephenson)Jennifer EnglishLightspeed Books
2010Parrot and Olivier in America (Peter Carey)Rupert MorganRNIB
2014Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone (Ian McDonald)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2011Down With Colonialism - The Writings of Ho Chi MinhAdam BromleyAudible Studios
2017The Little Book of Ikigai (Ken Mogi)Jennifer EnglishQuercus Audio
2013The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B (JP Donleavy)Adam BromleyAudible Studios
2012The Service of Clouds (Susan Hill)Vicky BennettAudible Studios
2019The Wrath of Lords - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2019The Blood of Kings - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
2020The City of Thieves - Warden of Fál (Kyle Alexander Romines)Jennifer EnglishChocolate Fox Audio
20231923 (Mark Jones)Andrew GlenHodder & Stoughton
2013Emil & the Detectives (Erich Kastner)Rupert MorganRNIB
2016Germany 1919-45 (Harrison, Hurst)Alex PigginsAudiopi
2013City of Sacrifice (David Carrasco)Rupert MorganRNIB
2014Fangio (Gerald Donaldson)Rupert MorganRNIB
2021The Lion of Boaz-Jachin & Jachin Boaz (Russell Hoban)Jennifer EnglishPenguin Random House
2013Roumanian Journey (Sacheverel Sitwell)Adam HelalAudible Studios
2013A Concise History of the Haitian Revolution (Jeremy D Popkin)Adam BromleyAudible Studios